We are the water people

We mind that people can stay safe by drinking clean water. Each of our products serves this noble purpose to mankind. From the basic filters that protect you and family from water-borne diseases to premium products that enhance your lifestyle, we have all your water needs covered.

The company is building a community of healthy people who spread their love through creating awareness. In this regard, you may be interested in our Affiliate Program where we reward people just like you lucrative commissions for referring others to our product line.

Tingo Life is loved for three things


Quality, Quality, Quality. It is all about quality. Everyone wants to purchase a water filter he/ she can trust. All our products are premium, meaning that you get the best water quality in your home or office. We back this up with a money-back guarantee within 3 months of use.


Water treatment should be cheap. After all, it is everyone's right to access clean and safe drinking water. We do care about this fact, and that is why we offer the most competitive prices in the market. All our clients save money in the short and long run.


What is the point of buying a product without full support from the seller? At Tingo Water Systems, we provide support to all our clients regardless of where they are. That's the job of our technical sales representatives who are at your service at all times.

Turnkey Projects

Our company offers water management services in the agriculture, industry, tourism and small communities sectors. Our mission is to be actively involved in projects that address sustainable water management, environmental as well as social impact issues.

We can manage, through our network of partners, water projects from conception stage, the sourcing of materials, the installation, on-site commissioning and maintenance.

Specialty Areas

  • Potable water production
  • Water treatment and recycling
  • Water harvesting
  • Water Saving


Water Source

River, lake, ocean, borehole, industrial, agricultural affluent, domestic affluent, Sewage.

Customized Water Solutions

Water treatment plant, water harvesting, and conservation.

Water Audit

Water analysis, client’s or community’s goals, feasibility, budget constraints among others.

Implementation Framework

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